Who has your back?

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

This is just so fucking simple, folks.

I care about five issues right now:

  1. Rights: For abortion. Everyone’s equal. Why hold anyone back? Licenses, registration and insurance for gun owners. Owning an assault rifle should be like owning the car that kills people when the driver is drunk. Test to get a license. Register the gun. Pay insurance premiums in case the gun goes berserk.
  2. Economic opportunity: Raise the minimum wage based on local cost of living; Stop hoarding wealth/Incentive investing in people; Education should not be required to have a good life; Health …
  3. … Care that is affordable and available to everyone — stop shifting costs to people, explain why it’s so expensive (guess). It’s a right, not a product.
  4. Public safety: We need to solve the brutality/race problem with better recruitment and training and providing access to 1–3 above to poor minorities. Yeah poverty is the problem.
  5. Our planet … what more evidence do you need?

Basic, huh?

Most Americans agree. Democrats recommended solutions


Why the fuck would you vote for ANY Republican? Why?



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