Local news features murders, outcasts, the helpless, and the good samaritans who come to their aid.

National news is an orgy of anxiety-inducing stories of corporations and governments screwing people who can’t afford justice. All of us.

All drama, no conversation. Opinion rooted in fear and fueled by faith. Angry blogs, extremist sites. Explosive outrage.

A cacophony of “experts” and their opinions suffocates the weak voices of the small audience seeking truth in research and statistics.

Confirmations of our nastiness and limited capacity for dialogue and collaborative solutions.

We spend our hard-earned, precious free time staring at the sights, sounds and stories on our screens — texting, binge-watching, shopping, liking and posting as we scroll and troll InstaFaceChat.

We stare in mass isolation on individual islands of distraction at screens that rain torrents of pointless videos, opinion, misinformation and propaganda sent from the most basic brains, while we wait for someone to do something.

They’re distractions from creating, questioning, inventing, or solving — and talking with one another. They don’t offer insight about the trade-offs required to make things better.

If you feel like you might be spending too much time on it, you probably are.

The media divides us into red and blue teams.

We fall in line, selecting one-sided networks, programs, and experts with one-sided opinions to reinforce what we already think. We gather more evidence to confirm what we have already believe: Extremists are threatening us.

The moderate middle shrinks as extremism’s magnet strengthens.

I’m making a run from healthcare and consulting to a more entertaining lifestyle. I write to express what’s inside of me. Maybe it will resonate with you.