I’ve seen enough

I see my future self, clutching my last drink, lounging on the sofa. After this, my cocktailing days are over. At this point, the slow march to death has worn life’s boots thin.

I will be in an empty apartment with a brain full of memories —…

Local news features murders, outcasts, the helpless, and the good samaritans who come to their aid.

National news is an orgy of anxiety-inducing stories of corporations and governments screwing people who can’t afford justice. All of us.

All drama, no conversation. Opinion rooted in fear and fueled by faith. Angry…

Rise to the top of your industry and leave everyone crumbs with Monopoly Pie


  • Prospective customers you can’t currently attract
  • Insufficient or nonexistent capabilities
  • A workforce with few options and little power
  • Governments that offer low taxes
  • Unprincipled politicians
  • Good lawyers
  • Superior public relations


  • Merge to obtain more customers or capabilities you lack.
  • Shed labor costs by automating and sending jobs where…

Fighting America’s Divisiveness with Justice

Time for a Liberal mea culpa to bring back the American middle class to save democracy

The Punch

Bent over at the waist, hands on my knees, trying to spot the tiny, hard contact lens somewhere on the dark sidewalk outside the McDonald’s on a warm Spring Saturday night.

I’d been jarred into sobriety when Derek slapped the side of my head, knocking…


I’m making a run from healthcare and consulting to a more entertaining lifestyle. I write to express what’s inside of me. Maybe it will resonate with you.

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